• Event Schedule

    Known for consistent Great Deals!

    Attendance has ranged from 300 to 1200. Our average attendance is 400 to 500 per show.The Convention features 1000’s of Silver, Golden & New Comics. Toys, Videos, DVD’s, Posters, Models, Non-Sports Cards, Gaming supplies, Star Wars, Original Art, Guests and lots more. Free Movie Tickets are given to us and we share them with fans on our email list. Iron Man, Superman, Lord of The Rings, Jupiter Ascending, Chappie, Mad Max: Fury Road are just a few of our free ticket giveaways.

  • We frequently have well known Guests!

    Need more info? Contact Andy Holzman at ashcomics@comcast.net, (317) 824-9602 or use contact form provided below. I’m always glad to talk to you. We hope to see YOU soon!